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Fresh seafood: hand selected & packed with care

Fresh seafood: hand selected & packed with care

If you don’t see it below, please ask. We have only listed the most commonly requested species. Need something that is not shown? Simply ask your sales rep and we’ll find it for you.

Available whole, butterfly or fillet. European Sea Bass
 is an ocean-going fish native to the waters off Europe’s western and southern coasts.

Farm-raised and wild-caught white steak-like fillets. Coastal migratory  pelagic species common to the Western Atlantic Ocean coastal regions.

Brought in weekly from New England. Large ground fish common in the North Atlantic colder waters.

Native to South and Central America. Member of the drum fish Family. Large steaks, white flaky fish; a great grouper substitute.

Dolphin – Mahi-Mahi
Mahi is plentiful again; available HG and fillet. Fish range from 5 to 50 lbs.

Brought in weekly from New England. A North Atlantic flatfish known for its sweet flavorful fillet.

Can be domestic or imported. Black and Red are the most common species. Can be purchased in fillet or H&G.

North Atlantic ground fish known for sweet white flesh and imported on the weekly New England trucks.

Farm raised and wild; a North Atlantic flatfish and considered by many to be a delicacy.

Available whole, butterfly and fillet and can be domestic or imported. No, it’s not a snapper but actually in the wrasse family of fishes.

The species is common to the North Atlantic cold waters and member of the Angler fish family. White meaty steak, like the flesh of the North Atlantic Whitefish.

Saltwater species of Perch common to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sold butterfly or fillet. Common to South Florida’s waters.

Rainbow Trout
The tastiest of the trout family; available whole.

Farm-raised and wild-caught – Chilean, Scottish and Norwegian.
 Available whole or filleted by the side with the skin on or off.

Sea Bass
, caught in deep southern cold water and highly prized for its rich, buttery taste.
 The common name is the Patagonian Toothfish.

Generic term covering a number of different snapper species such as lane, mutton and yellowtail. Domestic and imported available.

Generic name covering a number of North Atlantic bottom fish; the Dover Sole is considered the best.

Common to local waters.
 Available in large steak like fillets. The Pumpkin Swordfish flesh is orange from its diet of squid.

Inexpensive and heavily farmed for food with white flesh.

A member of the grouper family with thick white fleshy meat.

Available in different grades with #1 being the best. Most common species are Yellowfin, Bluefin and big eye.

Fast swimming pelagic known for its white-steak like flesh.

A very common local species of snapper with very sweet white flesh.

To order please contact your sales representative.
Questions? Please call 305.751.3711 or email us at

Laughing Bird Shrimp

Scallops – Dry
Gallon; available in U/8 , U10 and 10-20

Bay Scallops

Shrimp – Headless Frozen Shrimp
10/5 lb; Shell on U/10, U/12, U/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/35

Shrimp – Peeled & deveined 
5/2 lb; IQF Uncooked Tail On 8/12, 10,15/ 16/20, 21/25, 26/30

Large Broken Shrimp
16/20 – 6/5 lb
Uncooked 5 lb bag


Rock Shrimp
10/5 lb box; tail off uncooked

31/35 P&D Block – 10/5 lb;
tail off uncooked block

Peeled & deveined cooked
5/2 lb bag

Tail on cooked 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30

TiTi Peeled & deveined
6/5 lb; cooked

Jumbo Broken Shrimp
6/5 lb; cooked

6/5 lb

Lobster Tails
1/10 lb box

Chopped Clams
Fresh chopped clams perfect for chowders and pastas

Clams Minced
1/10 lb

Littleneck Clams
200 ct bag
Tasty little buggers

Middleneck Clams
200 ct bag
Fresh and guaranteed to open

Topneck clams
50 ct bag
Available farm-raised and wild from New England

20 – 30 lb bx
We carry all kinds of oysters, Gulf, Blue Points, cold water; ask your rep what is in season

Oyster on 1/2 shell
1 Gross
Priced by the dozen, sold by the gross

Mussels, PEI
10 lb bag
Prince Edward Island

Live lobster – cold & warm water

Live Maine
1-2 lb
Tuesday cutoff for ordering;
Thursday delivery

Live Florida
1-2 lb
Check availability

Lobster & crab – fresh or frozen

Frozen Crab & Lobster
2 lb
Premium Canadian cooked lobster meat in a 2 lb pillow pack

Canadian Cooked Lobster
1 lb can
Standard grade lobster meat

Atlantic Lobster Meat
40 lb bx
Packed in 1 pound bags, head and body meat

Lobster Tails
10 lb box
Cold and warm water species available. 4/6 oz, 6/8 oz, 8/10 oz

King Crab Meat
20 lb box
2.5 lb bags or 20 lb case

Imitation Crab Meat
5 lb box
Also called sea legs, 2 grades available, standard and premium

Softshell Crabs
18 pack
Hotels. Primes, Whales; priced by the dozen

Alaska King Crab Legs
20 lb box
Split and whole, sized by the number of legs per 10 lbs

Blue Crab Meat
12 lb case
Sold by the 1 lb can. Available in lump, backfin and jumbo lump

Snow Crab Clusters
30 lb box

Stone Crab Claws
Any; sold by the pound, available from Oct 15th to May 15th in medium, large, jumbo and colossal

Crayfish Meat
30 lb case; 1 lb bags

Sushi & Caviar

Per piece
Sushi sold by the piece, made to order, includes wasabi, sticks and soy; served on a disposable tray

Fresh Caviar
Per oz
American sturgeon, Lumpfish, salmon roe, Avruga, Osetra, Sevruga and Beluga


Seaweed Salad
2 lb tub; 6 tubs per string

Conch Whole
5 lb box; 100% cleaned

Conch Minced
5 lb box
80% conch, 20% Perriwinkle

Oyster on 1/2 Shell
1 Gross
Priced by the dozen, sold by the gross

Frogs Legs
5 lb bag

Clams Minced
1/10 lb

Squid, Calamari
10 lb box
Tubes only, tubes and tentacles

Mussels Green New Zealand
24 lb box
Green Lipped New Zealand frozen mussels

To order please contact your sales representative.
Questions? Please call 305.751.3711 or email us at

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